Egyptian company Al-Ismaelia has very generously offered Director Heba Amin access to film in several historic locations in Downtown Cairo rarely visited by the public. Al-Ismaelia aims to revive Downtown Cairo as a destination for all Egyptians to live, work, shop and socialise.

My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day, an excerpt from Voices From The Revolution will be screened in "Fluid Spaces", curated by Charlotte Bank, a cooperation between AlFilm Arab Film Festival Berlin and IFA Gallery Berlin.
The screening will take place on November 8th at 19:00 at IFA Gallery followed by a Q&A with Director Heba Amin.

The short will also screen at the opening of the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival in the Twin Cities, Minnesota on November 10th, 2011, along with the film 18 Days. //

Voices From The Revolution
is an experimental film that presents selected speak2Tweet messages prior to the fall of the Mubarak regime on February 11, 2011 and juxtaposes them with the abandoned structures that represent the long-lasting effects of a corrupt dictatorship. The speak2Tweet platform allowed Egyptians to post their breaking news and opinions on Twitter via voicemail despite countrywide Internet cuts.

The result was thousands of heartfelt messages from Egyptians recording their emotions by phone.It attempts to depict the harsh reality of the physical state of the city and addresses the role that the urban infrastructure plays in instigating unrest amongst its inhabitants. The project reveals the hopes and fears of a people who have yet to discover the outcome of their revolution within the context of their crumbling surroundings. This is not another documentary about the revolution but rather an artistic presentation revealing the collective psyche during a specific time-frame.

Voices From The Revolution is a film by Heba Amin - an Egyptian artist whose work seeks to map collective memory as it relates to the built environment. Her theoretical and studio-based work addresses themes related to urban planning, mapping, migration/immigration and language as an aesthetic database to explore junctures, failures, and flawed memory. She works in an archival nature, drawing from collections of work to reconfigure and make meaning of the subject through different materials, most often manifesting as video, installation, and projection performance. Amin received an MFA in Interactive Design at the University of Minnesota. She currently lives in Berlin. More information about her work can be found at

An early version of the project has already been accepted into:
Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, Twin Cities (Minnesota), November 2011
Arab Film Festival, Berlin November 2011
Pixxelpoint, Ljubljana December 2011
Open System, Vienna January 2012

The film will be completed in April 2012

Director & Cinematographer : Heba Amin
Executive Producer : Saeed Taji Farouky
Music & Sound : Marc Fantini