The Runner
The story of a champion long-distance runner from Africa's last colony: Western Sahara.

There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void (2013)
An Arctic voyage to discover the environment's influence on our psychology.

My Love For You, Egypt, Increases By The Day (in development)
An experimental documentary that presents selected speak2Tweet messages prior to the 2011 fall of Egypt's Mubarak regime.

The Path of Most Resistance (2008, 21min/57min)
The story of U.S. soldiers who became pacifists and applied to leave the army as conscientious objectors.

Tunnel Trade
(2007, 21min)
An exclusive investigation of Gaza's underground smugglers

Skiing With Hezbollah (2007, 52min)
Lilithwork Production presents a surreal tourist's view of Lebanon's recent history

A Midsummer Night's War (2007, 21min)
How will Beirut rebuild its culture following the summer war?

I See The Stars At Noon (2005, 57min)
A Moroccan man's illegal journey to Europe