**APRIL 2014**
//Irish premiere of ...Even That Void//

Our award-winning, experimental documentary There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void was screend in Dublin as part of the Darklight Film Festival.

**FEBRUARY 2014**
//Another Doc Lounge screening in Sweden//

After our successful screening of The Runner in Gothenburg, Doc Lounge screened the film in Malmö with a team of runners in attendance. (images courtesy of John Niklasson and Doc Lounge Malmö)

**NOVEMBER 2013**
//...Even That Void screenings//
Our Award-winning, experimental Arctic documentary screened at the Northern Character Film & TV Festival in Murmansk, Russia and the Night / Shift Arts Festival in Canada.

//Doc Lounge screens The Runner in Sweden//
Doc Lounge Sweden selected The Runner for a screening in Gothenburg.

**OCTOBER 2013**
//...The Runner selected for Shonibare's film series//
British / Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare selected The Runner to screen in his London studios as part of his Guest Projects film club. Director Farouky was there for a Q&A following the screening.

//...The Runner receives North American premiere in San Francisco//
The San Francisco Arab Film Festival, the largest Arab film festival in the US, selected The Runner to screen in its documentary strand.

//...The Runner receives Latin American premiere in Buenos Aires//
The Runner was selected to screen in the Cinemigrante Film Festival of of human rights and migration, as part of the festival's focus on Western Sahara.

**APRIL 2013**
//...The Runner screens in Algerian Sahrawi refugee camps//
Tourist is excited to screen The Runner in the Algerian Sahrawi refugee camps, home to around 250,000 refugees from Western Sahara, at the annual FiSahara film festival. Salah Ameidan, the subject of the film, will attend the screening.

**MARCH 2011**
//Saeed is awarded Arctic Circle 'nomadic residency'//
Tourist Director Saeed Taji Farouky has been awarded a place on The Arctic Circle residency that will sail around Norway's Arctic Svalbard Archipelago in October of this year. The film he's shooting while on the journey is part of a joint project with futurist and inventor Connor Dickie.

**FEB 2011**
//the runner returns to the Sahara Marathon//
We welcome Marie-Therese Garvey, Production Manager of The Runner, as the newest member of the team. She returned to the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria to take part in this year's Sahara Marathon, the same race our crew filmed in 2010.

**JAN 2011**
//the runner crew returns from filming in Basque Country//

Director Saeed Taji Farouky and composer Joe Lewis just returned from another week shooting The Runner in Tolosa, Basque Country.

BAFTA and Emmy award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger joins Ken Loach in supportingThe Runner, calling our feature documentary "an excellent and necessary way of telling the 'forgotten' story of Western Sahara."

//We have less than 10 days left to raise our funding goal for The Runner.//

US network HDNet broadcasts Storm Riders, the latest collaboration between Director Saeed Taji Farouky and the incredibly talented Mar Garvey. Inspired by the writing of Nick St. Aubyn, the film is an impressionistic portrait of a lifeboat Coxswain in Sennen Cove. Watch the film below:

**DEC 2010**
Tourist launches Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign to support The Runner.

Director Saeed Taji Farouky interviewed in Dubai's Brownbook magazine.

**SEPT 2010**
//awards and grants for the runner//
The Runner is awarded Best Project at the documentary development programme StoryDoc in Corfu, Greece.

The Ameil & Melburn Trust awards The Runner a generous development grant.

//i see the stars at noon finds new distributor..//
Our first documentary, I See The Stars At Noon, is now on sale on the Zenith Foundations online shop for only £12.

**JUNE 2010**
//the runner fundraiser gig...//
We have a fundraiser gig on July 9th, featuring the band Kasiuss - just invited to play the Leeds/Reading Festival, and now very generously doing a gig for us. For more details, and to order tickets, visit our Runner Latest News page.

**MAY 2010**
//the runner at Edinburgh Pitch / DocWeek...//

More good news for The Runner - the film was accepted into the DocWeek Festival's Edinburgh Pitch.
This means, on June 17, we'll be standing in front of commissioining editors from ARTE, ZDF, POV and Storyville, amongst other, hoping to get someone on board with the film. It's an excellent opportunity, and much thanks to Virginie Meunier and Edward Gubbins from éO Productions, and our own Elhum Shakerifar for all their help on the application.

//the runner...//

The Runner continues to gather more support and momentum. The film was accepted into the Storydoc programme, part of the European Documentary Network, to develop and pitch the film over two weekends later in 2010.

**FEBRUARY 2010**
Ken Loach agrees to support The Runner

**JANUARY 2010**
After Guantanamo, a short film about what happens to Guantanamo Bay detainees when they return home, screens on the VJM website and is featured on the Rattansi & Ridley show. Click on the image below to watch it:

**DECEMBER 2009**
Tourist's experimental short film Newlyn Harbour - about the challenges of modernisation faced by the UK's larget fishing village - was chosen to screen on "subversive painter" Simon Marriott's web-based museum The Society For Curious Thought. Watch the film here:

**NOVEMBER 2009**
Tunnel Trade, produced for Al-Jazeera's People & Power strand, wins Noor Award for Outstanding Short Documentary at the San Francisco Arab Film Festival.

Wanna see the award?

**OCTOBER 2009**
//Masaraat in Tangier festival//
Tourist's 2008 film Masaraat, an oral history of Moroccan migrants in Britain produced for the MRCF, was screened in Morocco's Cinematheque de Tanger as part of the city's Tanger Sans Frontieres festival on October 2, followed by Q&A with Director Saeed Taji Farouky.

**JUNE 2009**
//newlyn harbour in virgin media shorts competition//
Short experimental documentary, Newlyn Harbour, Directed and filmed by Saeed Taji Farouky entered into the Virgin Media short film competition. (no longer available on the Virgin website, but you can watch it on Vimeo here)

**MAY 2009**
//i still see the stars at noon//
I See The Stars At Noon (2005) screened on May 13, 2009, at Goldsmiths College in London, followed by a Q&A with director Saeed Taji Farouky.

**MARCH 2009**
The Tourist Team are on their way back to Gaza in April where Saeed will be working with Laila El-Haddad (co-Director of Tunnel Trade) again on a human rights video project (can't give out all the details about it just yet, but more to come...)

We'll also be working on a series of short films in Gaza , so any ideas or contacts please let us know...

In case you couldn't get enough of Tourist With A Typewriter, follow us on Tourist Twitter!

Our blog is finally online again
. Follow our exploits, adventures, ideas and fears on Tourist With A Blogwriter

Saeed was recently interviewed by the people at VBS (Vice Magazine's online tv channel) about his experiences making Tunnel Trade. Watch the film here.


Gareth and Saeed were in Cairo for a mere three days filming a piece for Al-Jazeera's news programme Empire...more news on that coming soon (when we finish the film)

Tourist was invited to add a page on IMDB for their 2007 film, Tunnel Trade.


**DECEMBER 2008**
The Path of Most Resistance can now be seen online, on Al-Jazeera English's YouTube channel.
Watch part one and part two.

**NOVEMBER 2008**
Robert Weiss, the subject of The Path of Most Resistance, is released from prison. Read the press release here.

The campaigners at MCN who helped Weiss with his application - which was ultimately rejected - only got word from the military the night before his release and were allowed to see him for an hour at Frankfurt airport before he had to board a flight back to the US.
Everyone at Tourist wishes his the best of luck back in the US, and we hope we can connect again soon.

It was almost one year ago that Tourist cameraman Saeed Taji Farouky went on the run with Robert Weiss when his application to be recognised as a conscientious obejctor was rejected by the US Army. Saeed followed Robert into hiding, as he went on the run from the FBI and found a safe house in a remote suburn in the Mid-Western US. Robert eventually turned himself in hoping to be processed out of the military and to serve as little time as possible.

**OCTOBER 2008**
Tunnel Trade is an official selection at the Toronto Palestine Film Festival, October 25 to November 1.

The Path of Most Resistance will receive its North American premier at Minneapolis' Mizna Festival, followed by a special Q&A with Wes Davey, President of the Minnesota chapter of Iraq Veterans Against The War.

**SEPTEMBER 2008**
Tourist's film about de-mining in Burundi, Landmine-Free Burundi, was broadcast on Current TV for their Peace One Day special. Watch the film here on Current TVs website.

**JULY 2008**
Tourist's latest documentary, The Path of Most Resistance, will premier at London's prestigeous Frontline Club on August 8th. Click here for more details of the screening and how to get tickets, and read more about the film here.

Tourist Co-Director Saeed Taji Farouky has been awarded a bursary to study at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in their 2008 Summer School, featuring celebrated journalists like John Pilger and Nick Davies as tutors. Read more about the programme here.

Two of Saeed Taji Farouky's photographs from his work in the West Bank have been selected for the prestigeous Foto8 Summer Show at London's Host Gallery, alongside such established names as Zed Nelson, Adam Hinton and Karim Ben Khelifa. The images are short-listed for the Best in Show award, and may be published in the October edition of 8 magazine, the UK's premier photojournalism and documentary photography magazine.
The images are for sale at the exhibition opening, so click here for details of how to attend.

**JUNE 2008**
Gaza Playground,
a short film for Al-Jazeera English's Everywoman programme about an ambitious project to build the first playground in Rafah, will broadcast at the following times:

Monday, June 9, 1000 and 1930 GMT
Tuesday, June 10, 0530 and 1430 GMT
Wednesday, June 11, 0230 and 0730 GMT
Thursday, June 12, 1030 GMT

Al-Jazeera English will also soon air The Path of Most Resistance on their flagship Witness programme. Visit again soon for details of broadcasts and screenings.

**MAY 2008**
Post-production is complete on a short film with the Swiss demining charity FSD about their programme to declare Burundi the world's first 100% landmine free country.
Saeed Taji Farouky now begins editing a version for Current TV.
Read the film's production journals here.

Tourist has completed the first cut of their latest television documentary The Path of Most Resistance - which tells the stories of conscientious objectors from the military - for Al-Jazeera English's Witness strand. Read more about the film here, and visit again soon for more updates.

**MARCH 2008**
Saeed Taji Farouky is currently in Burundi, shooting a film with the Swiss demining charity FSD. The film documents FSD's programme to declare Burundi the world's first 100% landmine free country. Read Saeed's production journals here.

Tourist's film about Gaza's illegal underground smuggling economy Tunnel Trade will screen at the London Independent Documentary Festival on April 5,
the New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival on April 13,
and the Palestine Film Festival in London on April 19.

**FEBRUARY 2008**
Post production continues on Tourist's film about conscientious objectors from the U.S. military - The Path of Most Resistance.

**JANUARY 2008**
The Tourist team are back from the U.S. after further production on their latest documentary about conscientuous objectors from the U.S. military, The Path of Most Resistance.
Read the production journals here.

**DECEMBER 2007**
The Tourist team head to the U.S. for some clandestine filming for their latest documentary about conscientuous objectors from the U.S. military, The Path of Most Resistance.
Look out for more details of their trip which, for their own safety, won't be revealed until they return on January 4th...

**NOVEMBER 2007**

Tourist With A Typewriter finished prinical photography on their latest documentary,
The Path of Most Resistance
, on November 16th.
Look out for the production journals online soon.

Tunnel Trade is an official selection in:
Oslo International Film Festival, Nov 15-25
Watch Docs Human Rights International Film Festival, Warsaw, Dec 7-16
New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival, April 10-20 2008

It has also been nominated for the Jacek Kuron award for short documentaries in Warsaw.
Visit again soon for news of more festival entries and awards.

**OCTOBER 2007**
I See The Stars At Noon
will screen soon in Spain and Mexico:
Arab Film Week
18th-21st of October: Barcelona, Spain
October 4-6 at CECUT (Centro Cultural De Tijuana) Tijuana, Mexico
October 17-20 at CCIMX (Centro Cultural de Espana en Mexico) Mexico City

Tunnel Trade , Tourist's latest documentary for Al-Jazeera International's "People & Power" programme, will be broadcast at the following times:

Monday, September 3 (0130 GMT)
Tuesday, September 4 (0630 and 1330 GMT)
Saturday, September 8 (0300 and 2030 GMT)

Tunnel Trade is an exclusive investigation of the smuggling trade through underground tunnels into Gaza.
You can watch the film online here.

A Midsummer Night's War, an Al-Jazeera "Witness" short asking if art and culture can survive the ravages of war, wil also be broadcast shortly.
Visit again for details of that broadcast, and click here for more details.
Read the films' production journals here.

** AUGUST 2007**
Tunnel Trade, an Al-Jazeera "People & Power" documentary about smuggling through tunnels into Gaza, and A Midsummer Night's War, an Al-Jazeera "Witness" short asking if art and culture can survive the ravages of war, are complete.
Following their premiers at London's Frontline Club, they will screen on Al-Jazeera International. Click here for more details, or read the film's production journals here.

**JULY 2007**
The rough cut of Tunnel Trade, an Al-Jazeera "People & Power" documentary about smuggling through tunnels into Gaza, is complete. Read the production journals here.

The trailer for I See The Stars At Noon can now be viewed online, and DVDs of the full 57-minute film can be purchaed by emailing us here.

**JUNE 2007**
During some of Gaza's most violent infighting, Saeed Taji Farouky was there reporting for Reuters and The Independent and shooting two documentaries for Al-Jazeera International. Read about Tunnel Trade, co-directed by Gaza journalist and celebrated blogger Laila El-Haddad.

**MAY 2007**
I See The Stars At Noon
will screen at the Freiburger Film Forum in Freiburg, Germany as part of their ethnographic and documentary festival.

Saeed returns to the West Bank and Gaza for two short documentary films, details to follow.

**APRIL 2007**
Saeed returns to Western Sahara for more work on a two-year long documentary project.

**MARCH 2007**
Tourist /
Lilithwork co-Production Skiing With Hezbollah will feature in the Alba Film Festival, Italy. Read more here...

I See The Stars At Noon
will screen at Diagonale 07 in Graz, Austria as part of their season Colonial Dreams, Autonomous Zones.

Saeed is invited to present a screening of I See The Stars At Noon at Minneapolis' Mizna Festival on March 31.

**FEBRUARY 2007**
Saeed returns to Lebanon with Italian documentary director and festival organiser Federico Ambiel for Skiing With Hezbollah. Read the production journals here...

I See The Stars At Noon officially selected for the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival, March 23-29th.

Tourist signs an international distribution deal for I See The Stars At Noon (more...)

As Saeed returns to Palestine/Israel to continue his photography project (more about it here...) Tourist finally give in and joins the world of blogging. Visit their production journals here...

**DECEMBER 2006**
Gothenburg, Sweden's Museum of World Culture invites Director Saeed Taji Farouky to a screening and discussion of I See The Stars At Noon as part of the museum's series of events on human trafficking.

**NOVEMBER 2006**
Director Saeed Taji Farouky invited to Dokfestival Leipzig, Germany's biggest documentary film festival, as a panelist on Arab documentaries (more...)

I See The Stars At Noon receives an excellent review in Germany's Junge Welt (only in German). Click here for translated excerpts.

**OCTOBER 2006**
Tourist With A Typewriter negotiate Swedish broadcast rights for I See The Stars At Noon with Sweden's channel UR (more...)

**SEPTEMBER 2006**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for Ayam Beirut Al-Cinema'iya festival (more)...

Tourist's latest project featured in Screen Daily article (more...)

I See The Stars At Noon appears in Times Online (more...)

**JULY 2006**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for TransArab 2 festival, Tenerife - Canary Islands

**JUNE 2006**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for OVNI Festival, Barcelona

**MARCH 2006**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for Geneva International Human Rights Film Festival

**DECEMBER 2005**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for Dubai International Film Festival

**NOVEMBER 2005**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for IDFA Amsterdam

**JUNE 2005**
I See The Stars At Noon
selected for Toronto Arab Film Festival